Friday 16th February


Filming for the video for 'Little Girl' begins as part of the studio footage.  The video itself features a mixture of studio footage and still photos.

Thursday 8th March


The video 'Little Girl' is released. The song itself will be released, together with the rest of the songs on the album in the not too distant future, so watch this space!

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alutepena diaries presents.....

Friday 5th January 2018


Janine comes back into The Lodge to add piano and strings to the first two tracks of the new album.  We aim to keep things real by having real instruments and not  to cut corners by relying too much on midi.

Friday 12th January 2018


Dave Storey joins us in the studio to add his drums to the first two tracks.  The album is starting to look good!

Tuesday 23rd January 2018


Three tracks were worked on today for the album.  In between the Heartelt Dreamland and forthcoming single, it's been a busy few weeks but enjoyable just the same.

Friday 26th January 2018


Janine returns to the studio to add additional strings to the tracks on the new album.  The album is starting to come together.

Saturday 16th December


Work begins on the first track of the 'Alutepena Diaries' album.  This will be the third in the series.  The day involved an early evening session with not just myself but other Ukulele players from my local Ukulele group adding that additional Ukulele sound to my song.  The session took place at The Sound Garage in Bedford.

Friday 22nd December


A return to The Lodge to move what was recorded at The Sound Garage onto the main control desk in the safe hands of Max Read.

Alutepena Diaries presents.....

Where has all the time gone?  It's been a little over 10 years since my album 'Love, Relationships & Other Dilemmas' was  recorded at The Lodge recording studios in Northampton.  

As it's 10 years now, plans are in place to re-release the album.  Further information on developments will follow shortly so watch this space!

Alutepena Diaries presents....

This is the second album in the 'Alutepena Diaries' presents and and was the sequel to the 'Life, Relationships and Other Dilemmas' album.  This one focuses on life in England (or 'Blighty' as it's sometimes referred to).  

As with 'Love, Relationships & Other Dilemmas' plans are in place to re-release this album with the possibility of some of the tracks being re-recorded.

More information will follow very soon so watch this space!