Friday 3rd November


The finishing touches and mixes to 'Keeping the Score' are recorded at the Lodge, with the added magic of Janine's strings, thus breathing new life into the song.

Monday 6th November


The secrets behind 'those lovely aerial shots' are revealed!  This photo is taken from Colin's drone!  Me on my mobile, Colin focusing the drone in preparation for its flight over Crosby beach.  

It was a strange experience singing to a buzzing drone whilst it hovered a few feet away from me.  Very enjoyable indeed and hope to have the drones involvement in a future vid.  Watch this space!

Btw. thanks Colin, your drone footage was great!

Friday 10th November


'Keeping the Score' is mastered ready for release at The Lodge.  Max busy at work!

November (Part 2)

Thursday 23rd November


The first of many promotions for the upcoming single 'Keeping the Score', the first of which was at a song share meeting in London with other songwriters.  The song was very well received.

Friday 24th November


A second night of promotion continues for 'Keeping the Score' when it's included within my set at The Anchor, Open Mic night.  

It was very humbling to have two guys approach me at the end of my set complimenting 'Keeping the Score' and how much they enjoyed listening to the song (played on my Porta Piano).  They also commented on how they enjoyed my set too.  

Perhaps my continuous 'Open Mics' are starting to strengthen my 'on-stage' presence after so many years away from the stage as a performing artist.

Saturday 25th November


The video for 'Keeping the Score' is released on YouTube (the link to this new video can be found under the 'Photos and Video' page of this website).

Filmed on location in Bedfordshire, The Lodge Recording Studios and 'Another Place'* in Crosby, Merseyside, it was an enjoyable video to film and (once again) we were fortunate in terms of the weather.

*'Another Place' are a series of 100 statues created by Antony Gormley and can be found spread all over Crosby beach.   Thus they provided an irresistible choice of backdrop for the beach scenes in my video.

November (Part 3)

Sunday 26th November



With the Saturday evening off (relaxing at home), it was back to another evening of song promotion.  This time at the Druid's Head in Kingston.  

Although it was a small crowd, the song 'Keeping the Score' was very well received.  The Open Mic promoter even commented on how refreshing it was to hear a song played on piano.  It also attracted cheers from the crowd.

Though it was quiet that night, I absolutely LOVE playing here.  Great acoustics and the pub has Fries that can (almost) rival the Marco Polo ones in Ontario.

Monday 27th November


'It's time to say Goodbye reaches the 1K viewer landmark on YouTube.  Thank you to everyone who viewed the video and hope you liked it.  The link can be found on the Photos and videos link ofthe website.

Monday 27th November


'Keeping the Score' is available for streaming on Spotify plus other online streaming platforms.


Friday 6th October


Filming for the video 'My Tortured Heart' commences, with Derek Moore taking position behind the camera. A very productive day indeed.  The weather, fortunately, was on our side for although the morning was pretty chilly, once the sunshine came, it turned out to be a warm, Autumn day.  (As what can be seen from the photo and the video.)

Thursday 12th October


In the evening, I decided to head on over to an Open Mic evening.  The venue in question was St Nicholas Tavern, where I played two songs in total with my Uke.

Friday 13th October


It was back to The Lodge where work continued on a future single.  This was actually the second recording session as the first session was held at The Village.  Jason Ducker added his guitar whilst Dave Storey, the drums.  It's going to sound beautiful.

October (Part 2)

Monday 16th October


Monday marked the start of a few days respite from the monotone day to day life and instead head off to the calm, relaxing surroundings of the countryside.  Disconnected from the outside world due to zero mobile reception and very sporadic Wi-Fi coverage, this mini break provided the ideal opportunity to collaborate with my song writing colleagues as well as write new material.

Tuesday 17th October


This particular week was an exciting one for collaborations.  Today I collaborated with James and Martyn where all three of us co-wrote a song together.  It is envisaged that we will get together in the future to record this song properly so watch this space....

Wednesday 18th October


Collaboration Project No.2 and this time it was a three way collaboration incorporating Adam, myself and Alison. Adam thought of the title, I wrote the lyrics and Alison provided the melody to which she sung.  Although Alison sung this in acapella, work has already begun in putting together the music to this song to compliment Alison's this space!

October (Part 3)

Wednesday 18th October


Same day : Collaboration Project No.3 but this time it was my turn!  Song title penned by James, lyrics by Martin (with the 'i' in his name) and song melody by yours truly.  One of the very few occasions where you'll get me playing my porta piano.

Thursday 19th October


Another day, another collaboration, this time with Simon (on guitar) and Adrian (on accordion).  All of us co-wrote into what was a very beautiful (but haunting) song.  All three of us are looking to get together in the future to record this song.  Great collaboration team and looking forward to progressing this song further.

Sunday 22nd October


Back home and refreshed from the Autumn Retreat, it was back to treading the boards again of the Open Mic.  This time, it was the turn of the Druid's Head where I played in front of a cosy, receptive crowd.  The front row were armed with little egg shakers and I was also accompanied with a Cajon by the host!  Lovely venue and will most definitely return there again - plus their French fries were scrummy too (had two helpings in-between sets - hahaha).

October (Part 4)

Saturday 28th October


My music video 'My Tortured Heart' is released in YouTube.


Friday 22nd September


An enjoyable, crazy morning of filming with myself and Derek Moore (again in his 'Lion' outfit).  This time for my new video : "Like a Fool".  

We were originally scheduled to film the entire video indoors but as it was lovely, sunny and warm outside, felt it would be a shame to spend the entire time indoors, so ventured outside to continue our crazy antics!  Thanks Derek, we had such a laugh filming this video (hahaha).

Sunday 24th Sept (Day)


Sunday afternoon was spent at the London Songwriter's Meetup where I 'demo'ed' a new song (freshly written 3 days previous) to test the reaction of fellow songwriters.  This was the first time I sat down on the piano to play it - no I'm no Liberace!  The song was well received - to be released in it's final form later this year.

Sunday 24th Sept (Evening)


Afterwards it was time to head on over to Activ 7 to take part in their 'Open Mic'.  It was a small but warm crowd.  This was my very first Open Mic playing my Ukulele and apart from the 'rogue chord' a second into the chorus, it was thankfully well received by the crowd.  The song in question will be recorded properly and released early next year.

September (Continued)

Friday 29th September


So it was back to The Lodge (this time in the upstairs studio) to 'tidy up' some songs.  Fortunately both myself and Max Read (the Engineer) managed to work on 4 songs that day (great going eh?). 

One of them was to tidy up 'Like a Fool' before its general release.  The mix turned out very well.  Two out of the four relate to releases over the next couple of months.  The other was in relation to the Heartfelt Dreamland Project.

A very good day's work I may say!


Tuesday 6th July


Filming commences on 'Ain't that a Shame' music video.  Filmed once again by Derek Moore.  Filmed at a very insane hour of the morning (less likely to have members of the public straying into shot).

Saturday 29th July


The video for 'Ain't that a Shame' is released.   Downloads for this song will follow very shortly.

No new release from the Tepilunia Soundscapes project as this has been put back until the following month. 


Wednesday 14th June


Filming of the new music video 'Tomorrow's Dream' starts, with Derek Moore once again taking over the reins of  filming most of the video.

This time I had to get 'into character' whilst wearing a thick jacket and hat in what was a scorching hot day.  No complaints for at least it stayed dry.

Thursday 15th June


Filing of 'Tomorrow's Dream' continues.  After the first choice of location had fallen through, it was up to the quick thinking of Derek to head on over to an alternative location for the conclusion of the video shoot.  

Racing against the sunset and the evening chill, filming had to be done fairly quickly. Fortunately, it didn't require too many takes to complete the video.

Sunday 18th June


The video for 'Tomorrow's Dream' is officially released.


Saturday 13th May


First rehearsal with Angus, Thea and Lianne of the song : "I Surrendered my heart" (where we were all joint songwriters).  

Angus and Pena on guitar and bass, whilst Lianne and Thea on vocals.  Well....actually, all of of us were on vocals at different parts of the song (hehehe).  

An enjoyable session indeed.

Wednesday 17th May


It's back to 'The Lodge' to record (and tidy up of some songs that will be revealed in the very near future - so watch this space!

Tuesday 23rd May


6.00am : Filming commences of "It's Time to Say Goodbye" music video (yes, we DID commence filming this early in the day for the video.  It was a beautiful, hot sunny morning and thankful that it held for the video).

may (continued)

Thursday 25th May


Final day of the shoot for : "It's Time to Say Goodbye".  We had a later film time of 9.30am (when the children were at school and people at work, which meant a interruption-free filming of the video).  Again, the weather was extremely favourable - a blazing hot and sunny day.

Thursday 25th May


Meanwhile at The Lodge recording studio....Max Read added some 'finishing touches and magic' to "It's Time to Say Goodbye" which resulted in the finished product you hear on YouTube.  (The version we used whilst filming was a 'scaled down' version of the song.)

Friday 26th May


The video for "It's to Say Goodbye" is officially released on YouTube with the music available for listening on  Soundcloud and Jango.

May (continuation - part 2)

Saturday 27th May


Work continues on "I Surrendered my Heart" with Leanne, Thea and Angus (pictured).  The song is steadily getting there....

Tuesday 30th May


The 'official' distribution process of : "It's Time to Say Goodbye" for streaming / download begins......and will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Play and other streaming platforms very, very soon.




As the chimes of Big Ben rang out signalling the start of the New Year, it was my decision to relaunch my music career.  New Year, new challenges a time to look for (and get involved with) new collaborations as and when they happen.  It's going to be a trip, destination?  Unknown (hahaha)!



Photo shoot with MARK BURLEY.  A very enjoyable (but exhausting) experience.  Forgotten how much hard work doing a photo shoot actually is.



My time to head on over to the Lodge Recording Studios to record the song 'Nympho Maria'.  A catchy song featuring myself on vocals and keyboards. MARCO MORELLI's 70s funky guitar riff made its way into the mix.  MAX READ as well as studio engineer, added to the flavour by some Stevie Wonder inspired keyboards and piano playing during the bridge.

With both myself and (coincidentally) Max battling nasty colds during the day of the recording session and with me 'dying' in between takes, it was pure determination that was the main factor in getting this track finished - hahaha!