September / October

Monday 3rd September


Performing at 'No Band Required' Open Mic in downtown Toronto.  (Hosted by Edward Ambrosius.)

Monday 10th September


Whilst in Toronto, it was time to visit the library - not to read the many books they had there but to attend an Open Mic.  (Hosted by William Charbonneau

Saturday 27th October


It was back to The Surrey Steampunk Convivial to perform my extended set in what is now becoming a regular gig for the Surrey Steampunk family.   


Sunday 26th August


Making my debut as part of the Hertford Music Festival, I performed an extended set of 45 minutes on the roof of the pub!  Although rather sheltered, unfortunately, the heavy rain made it unpleasant for the audience sitting in the beer garden.

Tuesday 28th August


On the same day of my arrival in Toronto, it was a quick journey to Mississauga for Joel's Open Mic at the Roc n Docs Bar in front of a warm, enthusiastic crowd.

May (cont.) - July

Saturday 26th May


Performing under the sweltering Summer Sunshine as part of the Chequer's Beer Festival, gave the opportunity to perform an extended set.  Fortunately, the staging area was under a stage-sized Gazebo.

Sunday 29th July


The Summer edition of the Surrey Steampunk Convivial and this time, offered the opportunity to perform a set at The Royal Oak.  Dressed in my Steampunk cossie, it was a very enjoyable way of spending a Sunday afternoon with the rest of the  Steampunk family where I was made to feel at home.

March - May

Tuesday 27th March / Wednesday 27th April


 It was back at The Lodge again to add some finishing touches to 'Casanova'. as well as commence work on some other new songs for my forthcoming album. 

Monday 7th May


Filming is in full swing for 'Casanova', bright and early on a Bank Holiday Monday.

Friday 11th May


Filming continues and indeed finishes for the 'Casanova' video with both the video and single released in time for the second May Day Bank Holiday Monday.

January / February 2018

Friday 5th January


 It's back at The Lodge Recording Studio to continue work on the forthcoming single : 'Somewhere in the Mist' with Janine adding the strings and piano to the song. 

Friday 12th January


 Another day spent at the studio finalising the vocals to 'Somewhere in the Mist' as well as Adrian popping into the studio to re-record his part on the Accordion. 

Saturday 24th February


 Making my first debut at the Surrey Steampunk Convivial, with a 'try out' of my set in the indoor Market Square.  With a half-an-hour set, provided an entertaining musical accompaniment to the Streampunk Shoppers and their families. 

December 2017

Saturday 2nd December


Filming 'up North' for a new music video which will be released early next year.  This involves a collaboration with Adrian and Simon.

Sunday 3rd December


Mini break in filming for a still with Adrian and Simon.  Both of these gentlemen appear in the video too!