Monday 13th May


A return trip to Toronto and was grateful to be invited as featured artist at the 'No Band Required' Open Mic.  This involved an extended set of half an hour showcasing my songs at the beginning of the evening.

Tuesday 14th May


During my trip to Toronto, I was invited into the Song Talk Radio Studio to chat about two of my songs namely : 'Somewhere in the Mist' and 'Keeping the Score'.  The Three radio presenters delved into the nooks and crannies of the songwriting process as well as the inspirations behind the songs.  

Special thanks to Neel, Phil, Michael, Vanessa and the rest of the team at Song Talk Radio for inviting me onto the show.

You can listen to my interview by clicking on the following link:- 


Sunday 21st / Monday 22nd April


It was off to Chatham Historic Dockyard Festival of Steam and Transport where Pena made her debut performing two sets.  The first on the Sunday, the second the Bank Holiday Monday.

(Photo credit : Chris John)

Monday 29th April


A return to The Lodge was needed to continue work on the songs that will eventually be on the album.  It does mean of course that the album completion will now need to be pushed back until 2020.  Good things come to those who wait!


Monday 18th March


Finishing touches to the new song 'Mother, Mother' including the final mix at The Lodge Recording Studio.


Monday 4th February


Work continues on 'Out of Sight' with the final master mix before it is ready to be released.

Thursday 14th February


The song and video for 'Out of Sight' is released.

(Photo Credit : Louie London)

Saturday 16th February


I made my debut in Steampunk Alley as part of the Enchanted Market (hosted by Duke Box Bedlam).

(Photo credit : Chris John)


Monday 14th January


After a few month's break, it was back to The Lodge to record some new material, one of the songs in question was 'Out of Sight', which will be the next song to be released.