Heartfelt Dreamland : 'Mood music in the making!'


The newest member to the 'United Collaboration Project' umbrella, Heartfelt Dreamland are a collaboration involving Alutepena Hughes-John, Marco Morelli, Janine Elliot plus other guest musicians and vocalists.

Track No.3

January 2019 (Monday 14th to be exact), marked the continual work on the Heartfelt Dreamland Project's debut album.  This track in particular being Track No.3 (they all have names but we're just teasing you by just giving track numbers.  We've only just started work on it in but thought we'd give you a mini sneak 'preview' of what the track will sound like.

PENA : Ukulele and Keyboards

MAX READ : Bass and guitar

Mixed Emotions

The first video release from Heartfelt Dreamland's album,'Mixed Emotions'.  The songs that appear on the album will be released in their entirety just as soon as the album is released so watch this space!

PENA : Vocals and Bass

JANINE ELLIOT : Violins, and Piano



Mixed and Engineered by : MAX READ

Featuring the dancers from the 'Marta Scott Dance Company

February / March

Sunday 4th February


It was off down to Brighton for filming of Marta and her dancers on a very chilly Sunday afternoon for the video 'Mixed Emotions'.  Fortunately, filming had finished and on the way back before the 'Beast from the East' reached our shores later that evening.  Despite the cold, the dancers were in good spirit and smiled  throughout the video shoot.

Friday 16th February


Finalisation of the vocals are recorded at The Lodge for 'Mixed Emotions'.

Friday 23rd March


Video shoot for 'Mixed Emotions' commences.

February / March (cont..)

Friday 30th March


Video shoot continues, this time featuring Janine both on piano....

Friday 30th March


......as well as playing the strings on the song itself.

Friday 30th March


Jason Ducker adds rhythm guitar as well as a solo in the middle 8 section of the song.  He also appears in the video too.

January 2018

Friday 12th January


Dave comes into The Lodge to add drums to Track 2 of the project.  Vocals are also added to the track.

Tuesday 23rd January


Jason adds the guitar to Track No.2.  The wheels are starting to turn.


Friday 3rd November


Work continues on tracks 1 and 3 of the 'Heartfelt Dreamland' project with Janine adding the strings to both tracks, as well as piano for Track 1.


Saturday 7th October


So it was back in the studio - this time, The Village to commence recording of Janine Elliot's violin part on a song as well as keyboard to Track No. 3 of the project.  Slowly getting there....

Saturday 13th October


The following week, it was over to The Lodge where Jason Ducker added the guitar to the same track.

Friday 27th October


Time for some additional home recording.  This time for Tracks 2, 3 and the final track of the album. There's still lots more to do on this project.  Exciting times ahead!


Dave Storey : Drums


Dave Storey adding some 'much needed' real drums, forming the magic behind the 'Heartfelt Dreamland' Project.  There's nothing like real drums to bring the tracks 'to life'.

Tuesday 1st August


The second stage of Tracks No. 1 & 3 are recorded at The Lodge Studio in Northampton.  Alutepena adds the guide lead and backing vocals which will form the 'backbone' in which to base the additional instrumentation of the tracks.

Max Read : Engineer


Max Read overseeing the first stages of production.  No, he wasn't falling asleep (hahaha) - he was just keeping a close eye on the monitors to ensure that everything sounds 'peachy'.


Thursday 13th July


Work begins on Track No.1 with me putting down some basic instruments.  Guide vocals are also recorded in preparation for the forthcoming recording session at 'The Village'.

Saturday 15th July


Recording of vocals for Track No.1 commence.  This time, the lovely Erica is drafted in to sing them, with the pre-recorded guide vocals providing assistance for her singing.  She had to be quickly drafted in for this track as she was due to fly back to Italy a few days later.

Tuesday 18th July


Work commences on the music arrangement for Track No.1. Practice sessions for this particular track begin with my violin tutor – who has also agreed to add her violin (and cello) contributions to Track No.1 as well as other tracks on the Heartfelt Dreamland project. I’m very honoured and proud to have her ‘on board’.