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Mother, Mother

A song for all the mothers, wherever they are.  Not forgetting the mothers who are no longer here.

Photo credit : Louie London

Out of Sight


This song is especially for those caught up in a relationship where they will always be seen as 'the third party', despite common-sense telling them to move on from that situation.  

Photo credit : Louie London Photography. 


 There are in fact more than one version of this song and in fact this is the single version of it, which has a dance feel.  With various hooks in the song, it has a singalong chant to it.  A version of this song will feature on the album itself which is currently being recorded.  

Somewhere in the Mist

 The lyrics were developed around my songwriting and were inspired after I told Adrian and Simon the story of how I lost touch with a friend, only to discover later that he had died. How often have we allowed friends and family to drift only to discover that it is too late?

Keeping the Score

 Recently had a breakup?  Did you turn to a friend of an ex for comfort? Did you cross the inevitable line?  This song covers it as a reflective hindsight of what should not have been.  

Ain't that a Shame

 This is the fourth release by Alutepena Hughes-John,  a slightly more upbeat track in terms of tempo.  Listeners of my previous material will no doubt guess by now that the majority of the songs are bittersweet and melancholic. 

Tomorrow's Dream

This song gives a reflective account of how one's financial downfall occurred.  From a mortgage to a credit, card, steadily seeing their world heading downwards.  Tomorrow's Dream refers to hope that one day the financial problems and the heartache caused by it reaches its conclusion.   

It's Time to Say Goodbye

Unlike 'The Burial', the previous track, this song is an uptempo one.